The Multifunctional Garden Room

Our client, a couple with two children, came to us because they just had a garden office built and they needed to create a multipurpose space that all family could enjoy.

We developed a concept to cater for all their needs.

The garden office space is divided into two different areas.

Working Area:
• This is a flexible space that accommodates two work stations with the possibility to increase it to three.
• There are two sets of drawers on castors that can be easily moved around. The drawers can also be placed in other areas under the desk, allowing space for a small fridge.
• There is a range of wall hanging units working as shelves that can easily be closed by adding doors to the frames.

Multipurpose Area:
• This is a very versatile space comprising of a TV bench with storage and a seating area with two bean bags.
• This space can be used to relax, read a book, watch TV, play games, etc. The easy moveable bean bags allow freeing space for yoga practice or fitness exercises.

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