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virtual staging.
3D floor plans.

Virtual staging has boosted leads by 50% on popular property portals.

Spark the imagination of potential buyers!

Is your property unoccupied, still under construction, or awaiting renovation? We are well-equipped to produce images depicting the completed project. Our suite of virtual image services encompasses virtual staging, virtual renovation, virtual decluttering, off-plan CGIs and 3D floor plans

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Virtual staging
3D floor plans

Provide a glimpse into the finished home and spark the imagination of potential buyers.

Virtual staging leverages the power of Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) to transform empty spaces into fully furnished, visually appealing rooms for promotional purposes. This process can utilise either floor plans or photographs of vacant rooms as a starting point, and then digitally introduce furniture and accessories to create striking marketing visuals.

This approach offers remarkable flexibility and can serve as a standalone solution or be used in conjunction with traditional staging methods.


Our suite of virtual staging services includes:

  • Virtual Staging: Starting with a photograph of your vacant room, we digitally introduce furniture and accessories to bring the space to life.

  • Virtual Renovation: Working from a photograph of a room that may be outdated or cluttered, we digitally enhance the space by adding or removing items, decluttering, or making necessary improvements such as introducing a new kitchen or bathroom.

  • Off-Plan CGI: For properties still under construction, we generate realistic representations of both interior and exterior spaces. This allows you to get a head start on your marketing efforts.

  • 3D Floor Plans: We convert your technical drawings into attractive 3D rendered floor plans that help your clients or prospective buyers to visualise space, design elements, finishes, furniture layout and functionality. 

These services offer a powerful way to enhance the appeal of your property, attract potential buyers, and expedite the sales process. They are a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional home staging.

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