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home staging consultations.

"Staged homes spend, on average, half the time on the market than non-staged homes."
- Home Staging Association UK and Ireland -

Sell quick and move on!

Have you ever visited a show home and fallen in love with it? Property developers use home staging techniques to lure potential buyers because they know it works. 

We can help you apply those same techniques to your own home so you can benefit from them as well! 

We provide personalised home staging consultations that come with an action plan tailored to your home. Whether you prefer to stage your home yourself or want our assistance, we are available to help you achieve great results.

Our home staging consultation service is a cost-effective solution that provides excellent results. The perceived value of your home will increase, and the potential for a higher sale price far outweighs the expense of the staging consultation. It's a smart choice for sellers who want to speed up the selling process and maximise their profits.

staged bedroom

home staging consultation
& action Plan

A roadmap to stage your home yourself with expert guidance

Take control of your home's presentation with expert guidance.

What's included:

  • 2-3 hour property visit with a professional home stager.

  • Personalised action plan detailing improvements for optimal buyer appeal.


The Value:

  • Save money by doing the staging yourself with expert guidance.

  • Gain valuable knowledge and skills to style your next home or for future home improvement projects.

  • Feel empowered and confident in taking control of your home's presentation.

The Investment: from £250

During the consultation, I will accompany you through every room, providing specific recommendations for improvement such as rearranging furniture, implementing decluttering strategies, and employing styling techniques. I will also address potential buyer objections by suggesting solutions like depersonalising spaces, improving flow, and maximising natural light. Throughout the session, you will receive real-time advice and tips on styling, colour palettes, and creating inviting vignettes.

The action plan entails a comprehensive report that meticulously outlines suggested enhancements on a room-by-room basis. It prioritises actions and proposes cost-effective solutions, such as DIY projects or budget-friendly updates for furniture. The report may incorporate visuals like mood boards to inspire ideas and provide a tangible vision for the suggested changes. Additionally, specific product recommendations for smaller items like throws, pillows, or artwork may be included to facilitate the implementation of the proposed improvements.

Remote consultation available: This option is ideal for those with flexible schedules or geographically distant properties. You'll provide detailed photos and floorplans, and I will analyse them, offering a written report and video consultation with tailored recommendations.


home staging consultation
& executive staging

Our Home Staging Consultation & Action Plan

with an added boost of professional hands-on help

Get expert help beyond the consultation with 4 hours of hands-on staging.

What's included:

  • All elements of the Home Staging Consultation & Action Plan.

  • 4 hours of professional staging assistance.

  • Flexible use of staging hours for decluttering, furniture arrangement, photography styling, etc.

The Value:

  • Enjoy the same benefits of the Consultation and Action Plan plus the expertise of a professional stager.

  • Get targeted help in areas you need it most, saving time and effort.

  • Achieve a more polished and professional staging result for faster and higher offers.

The Investment: from £450

Envision the 4 hours as a staging "power-up" where your stager actively collaborates with you to bring the action plan to life. Together, we'll declutter, rearrange furniture, and strategically place accessories to create impactful vignettes. This hands-on approach is ideal for those seeking expert guidance while valuing the satisfaction of DIY involvement, providing the perfect balance for a confidently staged home.

Examples of how the 4 hours can be used:

  • Declutter a particularly challenging room: Get expert assistance with sorting and organising.

  • Stage a specific area like the kitchen or living room: Achieve a polished look for key spaces.

  • Style your home for photography: Prepare your home for stunning photos that showcase its best features.

Home Staging for Homeowners
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