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ROI on a Budget: How We Transformed a Dated Investment Flat and Increased Its Value

Are you a property investor looking for a cost-effective way to renovate a flat and achieve maximum profits? We recently helped a client facing the same challenge and delivered outstanding results.

Our client's flat had been rented out for years and needed an update to attract potential buyers. As a savvy investor, our client knew that transforming the flat into a modern and trendy space would increase its value and appeal to buyers.

Our task was to identify the key issues and provide innovative solutions that would achieve our client's goals without breaking the bank.

We took a strategic approach, focusing on the areas that would add the most value and appeal to potential buyers and identified two main issues that needed tackling: a dated bathroom and the disproportion of room sizes.


Although the bathroom was unappealing and lacked character, with mould marks around the bath and only half-tiled walls, we recognised its potential. As bathrooms can be a critical selling point for properties, we knew that transforming it into a stunning feature would be essential to capture buyers' attention.

Bathroom before update

We designed a modern bathroom that would appeal to the local young professionals, our target market. We replaced the old and worn-out flooring, added black modern taps to the sink and bath and used white tiles with grey grout to create a fresh and contemporary look. To add depth and contrast, we painted one of the walls black, creating a focal point that drew the eye.

Bathroom after update

Overall, the bathroom was transformed into a stunning feature of the flat that added value to the property and exceeded our client's expectations.

Room Disproportion

To address the disproportionality of the rooms, we used home staging techniques.

The master bedroom was larger than average, which made the rest of the flat feel smaller. The second bedroom, despite being a double room, looked like a box due to its elongated shape. And the open-plan kitchen/lounge felt too small to comfortably accommodate kitchen, dining, and living areas.

To showcase the potential of each room, we transformed the spare bedroom into a useful guest room and illustrated how the kitchen/living room was spacious enough to host a dining area. We started by painting the flat in white, which made it feel brighter and bigger.

To address these issues, we used staging techniques to transform the spaces into functional and inviting areas.

We started by painting all walls white and laying the same flooring throughout the flat, which made it feel bigger and brighter.

In the living room, we used furniture that was proportionate and kept as much free flooring area as possible to increase the sense of space.

The big master room was staged with a king-size bed to emphasize how much space there was.

In the second bedroom, we placed a double bed and bedside table to illustrate that it was a double room with space for a wardrobe.

Overall, our home staging techniques transformed the rooms into functional and appealing Spaces and we were able to showcase the potential of each room and create a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Despite working with a limited budget, we managed to create a stylish and relevant interior using simple furniture and creative solutions. The final result was a stunning, modern, and balanced flat that exceeded our client's expectations. In fact, the estate agent valued the property at £150,000, a remarkable £20,000 higher than a comparable flat listed in the same building.

As a property investor, you know that maximizing profits requires smart investments and strategic planning. Contact us today to see how we can help you transform your property and achieve the best possible returns.



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