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Unlocking Open Plan Living Spaces with Expert Show Home Staging

Open plan living spaces are increasingly popular in modern homes. However, potential buyers may have difficulty visualising the furniture placement and functionality of each area within the open plan space when the property is empty. They may feel overwhelmed by the space and unsure about how to effectively furnish and use it. Empty open plan spaces can also feel smaller and less inviting, making it difficult for buyers to imagine themselves living in the property and questioning if it is the right house for them.

A show home ready to be stegged
Show home before staging

This is why staging these spaces is vital. We help developers create show homes that demonstrate the potential of open plan living spaces and address buyers' concerns. Carefully selected furniture, decor, and accessories can be used to create defined zones within the space, highlighting its functional and aesthetic potential. By creating a sense of flow throughout the open plan living space, buyers are reassured that the space can accommodate different activities while maintaining a sense of privacy and comfort. Clear pathways, organised furniture placement, and attention to lighting and colour can also make the space feel bright, airy, and inviting.

A well staged show home
Staged show home

With our expertise, we help developers make their properties more appealing, practical, and comforting to potential buyers by addressing their concerns and highlighting the property's potential. This is particularly important in show homes with open plan spaces, which can be difficult for buyers to visualise and appreciate when empty.

If you are a developer looking to showcase the potential of your property with a well-staged show home, contact us!


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