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Are you thinking of selling your home? Embrace marketing, think home staging!

When we first get the keys to our new home and step in for the first time we are welcomed by empty rooms, and although we love it and we are excited about the move, it feels cold and soulless. After all, we have bought a house, and now it is time to make it home! And soon, we surrender ourselves with all the things we love, invite friends and family over, create everlasting memories and settle in a warm and comfortable home.

The problem comes when we have to sell it. We want to sell for the highest possible price and most likely we think the most of our home; and if there is something to update, we are sure the buyer will be happy to do it to their own taste. But is this true?

Have you stopped to think about who your potential buyer is? what do they need, want or expect? which other properties are in the market? how do they compare to yours? is your price right?…

Suddenly the focus is no longer on your lovely home but the marketplace. We are talking about product presentation, potential buyers, competitors, pricing, etc… we are talking about Marketing! Without you realizing, your home has become a product to sell and you need the perfect marketing mix to sell quick and achieve the highest possible price.

Home staging is not interior design but marketing! Home staging prepares the property for sale taking into account all the mentioned elements and presents it so that it appeals to the wider array of potential buyers, increasing the demand and pushing the valuation up.

So for a little while, your home becomes a product to sell that will free your capital, move to that bigger house, start a new life… whatever your plans are!

The most important thing is that by staging your home, you will sell quick and move on!


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